Privacy Statement

The names and email addresses given by users of this journal's site will be used solely for the internal technical tasks of this journal; they will not be distributed or transmitted to third parties. KJMPP's privacy policy applies to authors and reviewers of manuscripts..

In accordance with the principles of editorial ethics, KJMPP is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of authors 'personal data, reviewers' information, the peer review process, and the content of scientific papers submitted to the public prior to their publication in the public domain.

The Editorial Office informs the reviewers that the submitted manuscripts are the property of the copyrighted authors. Reviewers and editorial board members do not have the right to discuss the content of manuscripts submitted to the editorial board or to use ideas from these materials before they are published in the public domain. Reviewers may only transfer peer-reviewed manuscripts to other persons with the permission of the editor. Reviewers must return or destroy copies of the manuscripts after submitting reviews. Reviewers' comments cannot be published or otherwise made public without the permission of the reviewer, author and editor. The editors do not keep copies of the rejected manuscripts.

КJMPP Editorial Board has the right to publish the reviews of the reviewers along with the manuscript, but only with the consent of the authors and reviewers. To streamline the review process and resolve certain contentious issues, the editorial board may send the reviewer's comments to another person reviewing the same manuscript. In such cases, the personal data of both reviewers and authors are not disclosed. Reviewers may also be notified of the editorial board's decision to accept or reject the manuscript they have reviewed.