Instructions for author

Manuscripts in Ukrainian, Russian, English or other languages  are accepted for consideration.

Structural Components of the Article

Submitted articles should contain the following components:

UDC identifier

Title in two languages (Ukrainian, English)

Author information (in two languages), including surname, first name, academic degree and status (if any), position and place of work, ORCID modelled on; email address (for including into publication).

Abstract in Ukrainian with keywords (for a Ukrainian-language article of 1000 - 1200 characters).

Abstract in English with keywords (for a Ukrainian-language article of at least 1800 characters).

If the article is written in Russian or other languages, it is accompanied by the names and information of the authors in three languages ​​and three annotations with keywords, the size of the abstract in the original language – up to1200 characters, in Ukrainian and English – at least 1800 characters

The main part that has the following sections:

  • introduction (with the formulation of the problem, substantiation of the relevance of the research based on the review and synthesis of the latest scientific publications),
  • research method (purpose, objectives, description of series, basic procedures and research tools),
  • results(or a summary of basic material for theoretical publications and analytical reviews),
  • discussion of the results (taking into account other relevant research data, perspectives on using the data obtained and limitations of the presented research)
  • conclusions (or final provisions with further prospects for the study)

References and sources of information

Technical Requirements for the Text

The approximate size of the main text (sections of the article without headings, annotations and list of references) should be 15 – 40 thousand characters (with spaces); languages – Ukrainian and English (mostly), Spanish, German, Russian, and French; format doc, docx or rtf.; font Times New Roman, font size 12, line spacing 1.5; paragraphs are not separated from each other by an additional space or spacing.

Margins: top and bottom - 2 cm; on the left - 3 cm; on the right - 1.5 cm; paper size - A4

Reference Structure

Two lists are provided at the end of an article (The List of References and Sources, and the List of  References in English with with transliteration of Cyrillic sources) formatted  in АРА style (for rules and examples of reference format in this style, see, for instance: The sources are not numbered and are listed alphabetically. The following rules apply to the list of references with Cyrillic characters: authors' names are given in transliteration, and the source name (books, articles, etc.) is in the original language, followed by English brackets. The title of the periodical, monograph or text is italicized. The name of the publisher is given in transliteration (if there is no English version of it); the name of the publisher's location is given completely without abbreviations. Finally, parentheses indicate the language of the edition, for example:

  1. Yung, G. (1991). Архетипы и символы[Archetypes and Symbols]. Moscow: Renessans. (in Russian)
  2. Bondarenko, F. (2014). Этический персонализм. Методическое пособие по психологическому консультирванию, сообразному русской культуре. [Ethical personalism. Methodological manual on psychological counseling, in accordance with Russian culture]. Kyiv: Alfa Reclama. (in Russian)
  3. Bulan, A.A. (2015). Психоемоційні стани комбатантів в умовах бойових дій [Psychoemotional states of combatants in combat situations], Aktualni problemi sotsiologiyi, psihologiyi, pedagogiki, 4(29),9-12. (in Ukrainian);

The links in the text are in parentheses and contain:
author’s name (editor, compiler, etc.; if there are four or more authors, the name of the first one and the abbreviation "et al." or "et al." are given) / comma / space / year of publication. If necessary (in case of direct citation), after the year of publication go: comma / space / "p." In English-language publication / space / page number (or range of pages with reference mark) is put after the year of publication. If you want to link to multiple sources at once, they are separated by a semicolon;
link format sample: (Тейлор, Спенсер, 2013), (Тейлор, 2013; Робінсон, 2017), (Іванова, 2018, с. 214), (Taylor, 2007, pp.17-18);

if there are several works of the same author in one year cited in the article, then in the list of references such sources are given in alphabetical order, and after the year of publication (including in the reference), the corresponding letters of the Latin alphabet should be put, starting with "a" (e.g., 1990a, 1990b, 1990с etc.);
link format sample: (Тейлор, 2013а), (Taylor, 2007c, pp.  47-48);

references to works listed in references without attribution (collections, encyclopedias, etc.) should include the name of the cited publication instead of the author's name; and if the phrase is too large or unacceptable for other reasons, the abbreviation can be introduced in the first citation and described in the note so that later the abbreviation itself is used; notes are provided at the bottom of the page or after the main text before the reference list;
link format sample: (Релігієзнавчий словник*, 1996, сс. 234-235) onwards (РС, 1996, сс. 271-272);

if the publication does not have an author but the author, editor, etc. is listed on the official page, they can be listed instead of the author by resorting to the appropriate APA style markings: (On), (Ed), etc.;

citation should avoid double translation; it is advisable to refer to the originals of the cited foreign-language sources or at least to compare the translations used with those originals.


If the authors submit pictures, charts, or other artwork to illustrate their texts, their overall number should be no more than four. It is not recommended to create charts that consume more than one page of the text. All illustrations are to be numbered. Pictures and charts are numbered irrespectively. (Chart 1. PIC 1.)  Each illustration must have a name (a title). Chart titles are placed above and picture titles – under the illustrations. Illustrations are placed in the text after they are first mentioned.   

All elements of illustration texts, if possible, must be in a font Тimes New Roman.

All illustrations must be accurate and clear. Except for cases when illustrations reproduce the “primary material”, it is not recommended to use scans, internet illustrations, or material from the works of other authors. 

Image fragments created in MS Word are to be grouped together; they should represent one graphic object. If the images are created in Excel, they should be sent along with the manuscript text in a separate file.

Formulas are created with the help of the built-in equation editor MS Equation and are numbered on the right side.

For more information on the requirements for formatting and submitting articles, please contact the editorial office at 044 585 4678 or by writing to

Publication Fees and Payment Procedure

The journal charges the authors for publishing their manuscripts. The publication charge depends on the number of pages submitted to the editorial staff, the quality of the Ukrainian-language (Russian) text, and the amount of work of technical staff in translating or editing the translation of annotations and bibliography fragments. Payment is made by the author upon completion of the review process and a positive decision to publish the article. More about publication fees.

Cost Estimation and Payment

The cost of publication is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on the number of pages of the manuscript presented in accordance with established requirements, and the amount of work of technical staff to translate or proofread the synopses, bibliography fragments and, if necessary, stylistic or grammatical editing of the text. The cost of one page of text is determined at the beginning of article typesetting before the next issue of the journal. The total cost of the publication is communicated to the author along with information about the positive decision to publish the manuscript. Payment is made by the author using the details provided: KIMPP, USREOU 37144134, АТ «UkrSibbank», МФО 351005, c/a 26002388628800, Purpose of payment: For publishing an article in a scientific journal, the name of the Corresponding author.