General information

General Information

The editorial board accepts texts that contain the results of original research in clinical and social psychology, psychotherapy and psychological counseling and highlights the topical issues of psychotherapy practice, professional training in clinical psychology and psychotherapy and important events of scientific life. We also publish analytical research reviews, case studies (with a proper analytical component), brief research reports, and reviews of new scientific publications and teaching materials. For more details on topics of the materials accepted for publication, see Journal sections, aims and topics

Accepted for publication are papers that have not been published before, are not being reviewed simultaneously by any other publisher and meet all requirements for topic, content and design. The authors take responsibility for topic, content and design of the publication.

Before submitting the manuscript to the publisher, we recommend that the authors read the contents of the Copyright Policy in detail and check that the content, structure and layout of the text comply with the requirements of КJMPP. Please note that submission of the manuscript to the publisher certifies the consent of the author (s) to adhere to the Guidelines for the Authors, as defined by КJMPP, and to all points of the Copyright Policy.