Aims and Scope

Program aims and priorities of the «Kyiv Journal of Modern Psychology and Psychotherapy» – to provide access to solid information and best practices to a wide range of experts, high quality research articles; implementation of the principles of evidence-based practices and ethical standards. .

Topics of Interest

Kyiv Journal of Modern Psychology and Psychotherapy (КJMPP) is a scientific periodical publication that publishes original research articles in the areas of clinical and social psychology, psychotherapy and psychological counselling, covers the problematic issues in psychotherapy practice and professional training of specialists in clinical psychology and psychotherapy and highlights important events of scientific life. We also accept research reviews, case studies (with a proper analytical component) and short research reports.

Policy of Sections

Journal publications are structured in topical sections.

Editorial Note precedes the selection of articles in every issue and raises some academic or socially significant problem. The editorial column culminates in an overview of current publications.

Theory, history, and methodology of clinical and social psychology, psychotherapy and psychological counselling: the section allows for covering a wide range of theoretical issues in psychology, psychotherapy and psychological counseling, highlighting classical and the latest approaches to addressing topical issues of  therapeutic practices and interpreting research results. 

Challenging Articles: present the results of original research marked by a unique approach and a particular scientific novelty.

Interdisciplinary research: presenting results obtained from the combination of methodological approaches of psychology and psychotherapy with the methodology of other fields of knowledge.

Methods and techniques of psychological care:  articles that reveal the content, procedures and results of applying certain methods and techniques of psychology, psychotherapy and psychological counseling used to diagnose and solve the problems of psychological care.

Applied aspects of clinical psychology, psychotherapy and psychological counseling: articles, case descriptions, brief reports on the testing of diagnostic methods and interventions that are of particular interest for the practice of clinical psychology, psychotherapy, psychological counseling.

Cultural Studies: Research, reviews and essays on professional analysis of socio-cultural phenomena and events.

Psychological and psychotherapeutic education
: publications on the issues of professional training of specialists in clinical, social psychology, psychotherapy, psychological counseling.

Reviews: reviews of new journal and monographic publications; reviews of scientific and teaching materials.


Scientific events: information on scientific forums, current international and local advances in the field of psychological research, dissemination of best practices, and announcements of significant planned events.

Digests: topical collections that have scientific or practical interest to the professional community.

Anniversaries: information on anniversaries of eminent scientists whose achievements have determined the development of theories and practices of clinical, social psychology and psychotherapy; retrospection of socially significant events in the life of the professional community.

The editorial staff reserves the right to make changes to section headings or to form topical headings within individual sections. Each issue can contain any number of sections.