The system of personal values in the life of oncologically ill youths

Keywords: personal values, youths, oncological patients, neoplasm/cancer


Personal values in a neoplastic disease have been the subject of numerous psychological studies. The study presented here shows differences in personal values selected by oncologically ill youths (50 people) and healthy youths (40 people), aged 18-20. Results reveal that the value of good health constitutes the most essential difference between the ill/healthy groups. Chronic diseases are diagnosed in people of all ages. Some are flowing smoothly, others are stormy. Some last from birth, others appear unexpectedly at different times of life. The disease violates the spiritual and mental order, because the patients can’t meet their needs, desires, dreams, plans as much as they would like. They are experiencing anxiety, depression, irritability, emptiness and other emotional states. The medical literature defines long-term illnesses as permanent, irreversible, progressive changes that cause damage to the system, permanently reducing its effectiveness and productivity, mainly in acute and chronic conditions, as the same long-term pathological process. Favorite work, profession and successful family life are the most significant values for ill people. Ill people choose the mentioned values more frequently than healthy people. This result is a rebuttal of the assumptions made, so it should be noted that it may be a consequence of the activation of the safeguards (in particular the objection), and it is generally a plausible and expected fact. It would be worthwhile in future research to extend the study group in order to verify and compare the findings.The results can also be influenced by the choice of subjects, their age, stage of treatment, specific cancer, such as bone cancer, too small research group and others. In the future, to test and compare the results, it is worthwhile to prepare a retest and increase the number of subjects, to introduce groups of subjects with other cancers, and to pay attention to the age, emotions and treatment stage of the patients being studied.


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